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M10 Functioin:
1. decorative lighting and RPM light
2. Speed
3. Speed unit: KM/H , MPH
4. Light sensor:HUD can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment
5. Multi functions: Instantaneous fuel consumption, 100 km acceleration, water temperature, voltage, speed, trip distance, travel time, clock
6. Unit of functions: RPM= Rotational Speed,Trip=trip distance,L/H=Instantaneous fuel consumption, L/100KM=100 km instantaneous fuel consumption, a+=100 km acceleration time
7.Alarm icons: Engine failure icon,water temperature icon,Voltage icon, shift reminder icon, speed alarm icon,Fatigue driving icon
Technical Parameter:
1.Environment temperature: – 40 — +120  degrees
 Barometric press: 86-106KPa
 Relative humidity:10%-95%
 Environment voice:<=60dB
2.Work voltage:11V~18Vdc(12Vdc/200mA)
3.Sleep current:<=30mA
4.Display way:Virtual image reflection
5.Display screen : LED Display
Package Included:
1 X HUD Unit
1 X OBD Cable
1 X Reflective Film
1 X Non Slip Mat
1 X Muanal

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