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Display information:
Travel speed
Engine speed
Water tank temperature
Battery voltage The number of kilometers traveled Detected fault code
Eliminated fault code
Overspeed alarm (single segment / four segment alarm)
Speed alarm
Water temperature alarm
Voltage alarm Fatigue
Driving reminder
1. Conditions of use: ambient temperature -40C – +120C atmospheric pressure 86 – 106KPa
Relative humidity 10% – 95% Ambient noise <= 60dB (A)
2. Working voltage: 11V~18Vdc (12Vdc/200mA)
3. Standby current: <=30mA
4. Display mode: virtual image reflection
5. Imaging screen: LED display
6. Size: 90*53*26mm
7. screen size: 3.5inch
OBD2 Applicable scope: OBD2 protocol gasoline car produced by the US Department after 2004, OBD2 agreement gasoline car produced in other regions after 2008
The OBD2 HUD is not applicable to the following common models:
1. OBD2 models can not be used in the US: For Dodge, For JEEP, For Sail, For Chrysler, models produced before 2004 and 2004
2. OBD2 all legal systems, Italian models can not be used: such as: For Fiat, For Maserati, For Lamborghini, DS, logo, For Citroen, For Renault, For Simka, For Amirka and so on.
3. OBD2 Japanese models can not be used: For Suzuki, For Mazda 6, For Infiniti (QX50 q50 q501), For Toyota avanza in 2013, For Lexus (is250, ex250, ES300H) For Honda (jazz, CRV) and cars produced before 2008.
4. South Korea's Kia and modern models can't use OBD models (2013 For Hyundai Sonata, 2017 Kia Soul PS, etc.)
Hybrids with diesel and electric vehicles, pickup trucks, RVs, modified car computers, and HUD are not used. GPS models are recommended.

Package Included:

1 X HUD Unit
1 X OBD Cable
1 X Reflective Film
1 X Non Slip Mat
1 X User Manual

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