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1. Resistant to moisture,waterproof and long service life.
2. With safety heating material,resistance and durability.
3. Soft and warm materials,no slip back and the part of cushion is washable.
4. Adopting carbon fiber far-infrared heating element, 30 seconds can feel the warmth, high/Low level temperature control.
5. When it reaches the highest temperature, it stops heating automatically.
6. Especially suitable for drivers and office workers.
7. Light and portable so it is convenient to carry.

Material: Polyester fiber
Color: Black/Beige/Brown/Red/Gray/Purple
Voltage: 12V
Gear: High(60°C),Low(45°C),Off
Maximum temperature: 65°C
Power: 24W
Current: 7A

Package Included:
1 X Heating Seat Cushion

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