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Product Description

Color: White, Red, Blue, Orange, Black
Size: 55*65*25 cm
Product Top Layer: Polyester Fiber
Product Bottom Layer: Polyester Fiber
1. Flame retardant sponge
2. Non-woven fabric < polyester fiber
1. Universal 5 seat car cover cushion set.
2. Easy installation.
3. Comfortable, non-slip backing design.
4. Made of half punched leather material, durable to use.
5. Triple detachable rear row design.
6. Fit the original parking space design, not easy to slide.
7. Front vest pocket design.
8. Integral package design.
1.Due to the manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error.
Thanks for your understanding.
2.We have English instruction and installation videos.

Package Included:
2 X Front Seat Cover
1 X Back Seat Cover
1 X Steering Wheel Cover

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