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 150dB 12V Dual Air Horn Kit Trumpet Compressor for Train Car Truck Boat RV Boat
Model: 574165
Product Name: Air Horn Kit
Primary Color: Red (As the picture shown)
Material: Metal Plastic
Voltage: 12 V
DB output: 150db
Current: 3A
Frequency: 50Hz
Instruction: Included
Dimension: As the picture shown
Work stress 0.3~0.9MPa, optimum planting 0.42~0.68MPa
The range of temperature:  -40~+80`C.
Service life 100 thousand times.
1.The relay main power line section is equal to or greater than 2.5MM. the output line is not less than 1.5MM. negative (ground) line should be in good contact, to ensure the product's performance.
2.Horn gas source should be directly introduced from the storage tank to achieve better sound quality: the storage tank must always discharge water, and the surface will affect the service life of the solenoid valve.
Package Include:
1x Air Horn Kit

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